Tactical corporate reinforcement

In situations, when companies focus on reorganisation and restructuring, capacities to cover operations and the additional activities in change management can become limited. Commitment, personal energy and extended work hours can support the attempt to meet the necessary resources but are also sources of mistakes and undesirable developments. TACTICAL ANALYTICS supports companies in their phases of reorganisation and change management, on executive levels as well as in operations.

Management Support

  • Reinforcement for the corporate management in analysing existing structures and procedures, in identifying potentials in transparency and efficiency and in adjusting, restructuring or rebuilding in operations
  • Building up transparency in existing workflows, managing the change process to raise efficiency as external executive in charge
  • Developing process documentations for restructured workflows
  • Developing tactical controlling on restructured processes to implement an early warning mechanism and risk management system

Operational support

  • Reinforcement in operations regarding controlling activities, process management, data quality and necessary resources to support management targets
  • Train- the-trainer approaches in restructured procedures